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125 S. Main St, Summerville, SC 29483 Creating Your Future - 2018 and Beyond! December 30th, 2017
with Joyce Stech and Keith N. Anderson

Creating and Manifesting - the Vision Board

What is a Vision Board and How do I benefit by having one?

One of the keys to MANIFESTING your Desires is to have a very clear "picture" of what you want and where you are aiming.

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams, goals and things that give you joy, things that are important in your life. Think of it as your personal treasure map... that leads to your desired future.

The process of creating a vision board can be a useful tool to unmask some hidden desires and also allows you to conceptualize your goals. It also serves as a source of motivation as you travel on your journey.

This class contains more than the vision board creation (as if that weren't enough!!!).
Joyce & Keith take you through a process to produce clarity and allowance to touch into your soul's desires!

Invest your time in something that will actually Pay Off!!!


Your Cost: $55

Bring magazines and an open, willing mind!
125 South Main Street , Summerville, SC NEW YEAR'S EVE EN"CHANT"MENT December 31st, 2017
Bring in the New Year and Release the Old with Gratitude, Love and Affection!

Why Chant?
At the core is the promise that each one of us has within us an extraordinary potential that goes largely untapped -- a potential for great understanding, wisdom, joy, vitality, compassion and connection to life and each other.
It is the possibility of an unbounded life --- happiness that doesn't depend on outer circumstances. Chanting allows us to connect to that deeper part of our soul.

Keith N. (Shankarji Red Hawk Rising) will lead us and Joyce Stech will accompany,in an hour of chanting to clear out the old and bring in the new, with greater clarity and understanding of our inner self's needs, desires and aspirations.

7pm - 8pm
$10 suggested donation
125 South Main Street , Summerville, SC Alchemical Therapeutic Breathwork™ - Group December 31st, 2017
What is Alchemical Therapeutic Breathwork™?

Alchemical Therapeutic Breathwork™ is a powerful healing and personal growth technique practiced worldwide.

It is used consistently to release energy blockage in the body, clear negative thought and habit patterns and bring one into greater alignment with one’s personal purpose.  

It begins by working with the physical body and as a result it cleanses the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This almost always leaves the client in a state somewhere between peace and ecstasy.

Experience it for yourself! Words can not describe the session's full impact!

A Special Group Alchemical Therapeutic Breathwork Session
with Founder, Keith N. Anderson
and Joyce Stech Facilitator

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 2017!

2pm - 4pm $55/person
The Double Whammy 125 South Main Street, Summerville, SC January 2nd-3rd, 2018
Joyce & Keith (J &K) are offering their infamous DOUBLE WHAMMY private sessions for a limited number.

A Double Whammy is always an adventure. Joyce and Keith combine and manifest within the Vesica Piscis, where you enter into the Sacred Union of this Divine Union. The interconnectedness of this Union allows all modalities of both individuals to merge and transmit to you, the individual, as your own interconnectedness into the One.
(*couples special available also. Call for details.)

2018 New Year - Way to Begin
Tuesday, January 2nd 11am and 2pm
Wednesday, January 3rd. 11am and 2pm

Full Value $600/session. New Year Summerville Special $360/session
125 South Main Street, Summerville, SC What IS a Personal Grid January 5th-8th, 2018
Start the New Year with a new personal grid!

Customized to your needs to make 2018 the Year of Your Quantum Leap!

Sedona, Arizona Inner Story to Outer Glory May 24th-27th, 2018

What's Putting the "BRAKES" on your "BREAKTHROUGH"?
* Do you feel you were born for more?
* Are you ready to breakthrough your "stuck" and experience your full potential?
* If you were "crystal clear" in what you wanted to accomplish, how would your life transform?

Do You Feel You Were Born For More?

Finding your Inner Story, your True Value and Worth, and bringing it out to the Outer Glory, is a way for you to find your personal freedom AND get to the next best version of you. YES, YOU....2.0!!!

It's your EVOLUTION! It's your LIFE! It's your FREEDOM!!!!

Through some "unconventional" methods, exploration, experiential, interactive avenues, Joyce, Colin and Christine guide you in a safe, protected and nonjudgmental environment to the next step in Your Evolution, to YOU 2.0.